ISUZU Vehicle Insight | Keep Yourself Driving | Compete Care

ISUZU INSIGHT is a factory-fitted, end-to-end solution to trucks built from April 2022 onwards designed to give owners and fleet operators the tools required to manage their vehicles. This comprehensive vehicle-management solution is built to reduce operating costs and risk, increase profitability, and enhance customer service.

With the support of MiXTelematics, a leading global provider of connected fleet solutions, ISUZU INSIGHT offers vehicle owners boundless access to information on their vehicles and drivers’ behaviour, with a host of tools, features, and reports to maximise return on investment.

ISUZU INSIGHT is an ISUZU approved subscription service that is readily available to customers at all ISUZU Dealerships.

ISUZU INSIGHT software is where the magic happens

In addition to being completely secure, this telematics solution is loaded with features to aid truck owners in making informed and timely decisions when it comes to the performance of their vehicles.

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